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Where would I be able to get same-day Broadway markdown tickets? There are three TKTS Booths: two in Manhattan (one in Times Square and another downtown close to the South Street Seaport) and one in Brooklyn offering markdown Broadway tickets. Do note ConcerTics tickets are accessible the day preceding at the downtown and Brooklyn areas, however same-day tickets are accessible at the Times Square corner. Standing Room Only (SRO) and Rush Tickets are accessible that day of an execution, regularly for around $35 in the cinema world. Some of these are disseminated by lottery, so remember this is somewhat of an "attempt your good fortune" sort of alternative. Numerous creations are likewise offering on the web ticket lotteries now, so you can endeavor to get rebate tickets without waiting in long lines or go to the city just to wind up baffled. All things considered, even the online lotteries are for same-day tickets, so you'll must be set up to make the outing to NYC without prior warning you don't live here.
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